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CossacksEuropean Wars 
PC | Windows | English| Genre: Strategy | Size: 250Mb

Cossacks is a RTS set in 16th-18th century Europe, representing more than 85 large-scale wars and battles set during that time for single and multiplayer (including the Thirty Years War, the Northern War and the Seven Years War). Play as one of 16 nations, each with their own unique units and technology developments. Manage your resources well, and wage war on unfriendly nations using a variety of tactics and units (ground and naval). Up to 8000 units (total) can be in one battle!

Hardware Requirements
Pentium 200
1 MB video card
200 MB available hard disk space
Sound card

Recommended Specs
Pentium II 233 or better
64 mb of ram
4mb of video ram
200 mb HDD
12X CD-Rom
Sound card
DirectX 6.

 DOWNLOAD GAME Cossacks : European Wars FULL VERSION

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