Warlords Battlecry II is a real-time strategy and role-playing game, developed by SSG as the sequel to Warlords Battlecry. It was released on 12 March 2002.[2] The game requires the player to build buildings and create units in order to defeat the enemy, whilst sending their hero on optional quests.[1]
The game is set within the world of Etheria. In the campaign the player must take control of one of the twelve races and capture all sixty-seven regions of the land in a non-linear manner. The player does this whilst assuming the role of a "Hero" which he or she has created. There are twelve different playable races, each with their own type of Hero, buildings and resource dependencies.[1]
The game was well-received by critics and users alike,[2] with an average score of 82/100 on Metacritic.[3] Warlords Battlecry III, the sequel to the game, was released in 2004.[4]

Primarily a real-time strategy game, the main objective of Warlords Battlecry II is to build up a base and army in order to fight enemies. A game will usually end when all but one of the players has been defeated, although there are some minor differences depending on which victory condition is selected. Most buildings and units are created by spending resources, while some buildings and units can also be summoned by certain units.
There are twelve different playable races, each with its own strengths, weaknesses and resource dependencies. There are roughly a hundred and forty controllable units which will fight and, in some cases, build buildings.
The game also features some basic role-playing elements including leveling-up characters and completing optional quests. In addition to these units, the player controls a Hero which they have created before playing. The Hero is a unique unit which, as well as being able to fight and build buildings, can cast spells and receive quests. Depending on the outcome of a battle, the Hero will receive experience points and level up, as is common in many role-playing games.
There are two main game modes: the campaign and skirmish mode. The campaign is non-linear, with a goal of conquering the entire continent of Etheria (the land in which the game is set). Skirmish games can be played against computer-controlled enemies and other human players. All the game modes and victory conditions available in the campaign are playable, as well as some multiplayer-only modes. The game also comes with a level editor.

Minimum requirement
Pentium II 350 (or equivalent)
8 MB graphics card
DirectX 8.0a
845 MB hard disc space
Image Format: ISO 1 disc

1 - Burn/Mount the game
2 - Install
3 - Update the game with the patch included
4 - Copy over the krack to the installation directory

download file size : 634MB 

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